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Meet Patrick

Hello! My name is Patrick Chance Thomas, and I have lived in Huntersville since 2017. My wife, Michele and I have been married for 21 years, and we have three children (two are adults in college) our youngest is 12.  Our family loves dogs, we currently have four fur babies, Nala, Wicket, Indigo and Javi and we always have room for more!

I have spent a majority of my professional career in Risk Management, fighting fraud as a Certified Fraud Examiner and fighting abuses of our Financial system as a Certified Anti Money Laundering Specialist. I also have 10 years of Project Management experience- fixing broken processes and team building to solve issues.

There are several reasons I chose to run,

School Choice

The Public Schools in Huntersville are awful. From poor test scores and hostile learning environments to outdated buildings, it is no wonder most parents choose charter or private schools for their kids. Many people are not aware that Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) does not want Huntersville to have school choice, and CMS continues to lobby against the house bill (HB 514) with lawsuits and repeal attempts. Very few parents I have spoken to will send their children to the public schools here in Huntersville - if school choice is taken away they lose that option.

Colonial Pipeline spill

The Colonial Pipeline spill happened less than a mile from where I live, its been over a year and no one can explain exactly what happened and why. No-one in higher office has publicly mentioned the spill, leaving the people of Huntersville in the dark as to the long term affects of what is now "the largest gas spill in the United States this century."  I have called Colonial Pipeline out publicly, I demanded that they give answers to the people of Huntersville, especially those directly affected by the spill. I demand that Colonial Pipeline be held both responsible and accountable for any Health issues and Property Devaluation as a direct result of the spill: Pipeline Spill Health Concerns

No other candidate has publicly called out Colonial Pipeline, and I wont stop until Colonial is held both responsible and accountable to the people of Huntersville.


Traffic in Huntersville is awful, and its going to get worse. Developers are not being held responsible to ensure there are turn lanes into new housing developments or to ensure the increase in homes will not put an undue burden on traffic. I plan on pushing for responsible development (incentives to redevelop  older buildings and homes, and minimum acreage per home for future developments). I have also developed a 5 point plan to solve the traffic issues in Huntersville that is on "My plan for Huntersville" site page.

I want to bring my Risk and Project Management experience to the people of Huntersville. I will bring a new approach to public service, tackling the difficult issues while providing honest representation. Electing me gives the people of Huntersville a chance to have a voice in the decisions made for the future of our town.

I am pro small business, pro family, I believe in school choice, lower taxes and property rights. 

I believe that an elected official must always remember the voters- the voters who put their trust in those they elect should expect that every decision that is made by that official is made with their constituents interests in mind. 

Together, we can ensure the future of Huntersville remains prosperous, diverse and a great place to raise our families. 


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