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My plan to fix Huntersville 

I have heard the concerns of Huntersville citizens and business owners there are several issues that are of great concern that need to be addressed immediately. 


Taking back our schools may need a radical solution, a solution that if implemented would not only fix the schools in Huntersville, but would also solve the increased crime problem and force the hand of the state legislature. If CMS refuses to fully fund our schools and address the mess they created when they threw a fit over the state charter school solution then Huntersville need to LEAVE MECKLENBURG COUNTY. Many people think that is a reckless idea, I say it is reckless to not address the failing schools that Mecklenburg created- every parent I have spoken with sends their children to charter or private schools - those who cannot get into the lottery system prefer to home school over the public school option - I dont blame them! I personally drive my daughter to a charter school because the learning environment in Huntersville public schools in non existent- just ask the students who attend them.

Leaving Mecklenburg county will also reduce the crime surge in Huntersville. You may not know this, but the police in Huntersville who arrest car thieves and drug offenders know it- the people they arrest are rarely if ever charged with a crime and are literally back on the streets while the arresting officers are still completing their paperwork. Mecklenburg county has not only made a mess of the school system, but they have also made a mess of the criminal justice system as well.

It will not be easy to leave, and I expect an all out assault on anyone who suggests it, but I can take the smoke, and I already have a task force looking into it as a possibility - whether it means creating a new county with Davidson and Cornelius or joining Iredell county, something radical must happen to correct the issue.


On May 17th 2021, I spoke at the Townhall meeting held at the Huntersville Recreation Center. I urged the Mayor and the Board of Commissioners to force Colonial Pipeline Representatives to hold Q&A sessions with the residents most impacted by the spill, and to force Colonial to answer questions in front of the board by revoking permits or holding them back until they agreed to appear.

I then presented 4 questions Colonial Pipeline needs to answer:

"How antiquated is the pipeline that it took two teenagers riding ATV's in the woods to alert them of the leak?"

"What measures have been taken to ensure this never happens again?"

"Will an escrow account be created to compensate any of the homeowners who experience health issues or need to move because of the spill?"

"Will any of Colonial pipelines representatives be willing to drink well water from within a half mile of the spill in front of the entire town to prove its safe?"

As commissioner I promise to do everything I can to make sure Colonial answers ALL OF THOSE QUESTIONS.


 - Fast track road improvement project approval process. There are many ways to accomplish this - I wont give away too many inside secrets.

- Create a comprehensive and logical detour plan with road engineers during project implementation to avoid bottlenecks.

- Deploy up to 15 traffic officers at peak times during events and rush hour 

- Bike lanes on all surface streets owned by the town

- Lobby for road project approval on state owned roads for lane expansion and turn lanes- no housing developments without road improvement and impact analysis on resources.


There is no mistaking it, Huntersville is going to continue to grow for the foreseeable future. That growth needs to be responsible, with a focus on sustaining the environment and property values. The easiest way to accomplish this is to set the minimum acreage for each home to be 2 acres. With a minimum land requirement we can save hundreds of acres from over development while keeping traffic manageable.


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