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Saturday, September 4, 2021 12:47 AM

1 year since the spill

Understanding the total impact of the pipeline spill 1 year after it was detected by two teenage boys riding ATVs in the woods: Colonial Pipeline cleanup continues 1 year later

Can we give Walker Sell and Owen Fehr keys to the city? I think Colonial Pipeline should pay for the tuitions to the college of their choice as well.

If Walker and Owen had not taken their ATVs into the woods that day, who knows how much longer the spill would have gone undetected, and what the increased impact it would have had on the environment and surrounding neighborhoods.


Thursday, July 22, 2021 10:00 PM

A Chance for Huntersville

About the Campaign: "A Chance for Huntersville"

"A Chance for Huntersville" was chosen - not just because its my middle name, but because when you go to vote in November and you see my name, Patrick Chance Thomas, I want you to remember who I am and what you will get if you decide to give me your vote... a chance, a Chance for a better Huntersville!

- Chance to elect someone who will actually listen to your concerns, and make sure those concerns are voiced directly to the rest of the Board, to the Mayor and anyone else who needs to hear it for action to take place... 

Chance to elect a fighter, someone who is not afraid to call out anyone, and will work tirelessly to amplify your voice and concerns...

- A Chance to hold Colonial Pipeline responsible for any long term affects to health and property values of those directly affected by the spill. I am the only candidate who has called out Colonial Pipeline publicly. I have also called out our Congresswoman, Senators and Governor and argued for more action on Colonial. I will not stop fighting until Colonial Pipeline is held responsible and accountable for the spill and any affects from it.

- A Chance to fix the horrific traffic in town... The traffic problems in Huntersville are a direct result of poorly planned roads, NC DOT dragging its feet, and Board Members who voted to approve new housing developments without proper traffic testing and engagement with road engineers. I have 10 years of professional experience in Project Management and getting things done quickly and efficiently. I will make sure it is done right!

- A Chance at responsible growth... Development is bound to happen, but it needs to be responsible. Every new development adds new traffic to our already congested roads and new students to our crowded classrooms. Responsible growth means larger minimum lot sizes for new home developments and the redevelopment of older, outdated homes and buildings.

- A Chance to keep school choice alive. I will fight against the Mecklenburg County School Board if they ever attempt to take away school choice here. No Huntersville family will be told they have to send their kids to a failing school because of their address while I am Commissioner.

Your vote is your voice, and a vote for me is a Chance for your voice to to be heard. And a Chance for a better Huntersville.

Lets take a Chance together...


Thursday, July 22, 2021 10:00 PM

Interview with Rich Baris of the Peoples Pundit

I was recently on the show "Inside the Numbers with the People's Pundit" with Rich Baris.

Rich Baris is well known for being one of the most accurate political pollsters in the business, and you can watch my interview with him here:

Interview with Rich Baris

Saturday, May 22, 2021 6:50 PM

Calling out Colonial Pipeline

I spoke at the Townhall meeting held at the Huntersville Recreation Center on May 17th.

I urged the Mayor and the Board of Commissioners to force Colonial Pipeline Representatives to hold Q&A sessions with the residents most impacted by the spill, and to force Colonial to answer questions in front of the board by revoking permits or holding them back until they agreed to appear.

I then presented 4 questions Colonial Pipeline needs to answer:

"How antiquated is the pipeline that it took two men riding dirt bikes in the woods to alert them of the leak?"

"What measures have been taken to ensure this never happens again?"

"Will an escrow account be created to compensate any of the homeowners who experience health issues or need to move because of the spill?"

"Will any of Colonial pipelines representatives be willing to drink well water from within a half mile of the spill in front of the entire town to prove its safe?"

You can watch it here:

Calling out Colonial Pipeline

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